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Trumpet Mouthpiece Fitting Guide

Need Help Choosing a Mouthpiece?

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Want to make your own selection? We have some suggestions about how to do that.

First, it helps to understand the basics of the Wedge product line and options available. The best way to do that is to learn about Wedge One Piece vs. Two Piece mouthpieces, rims, cups, and backbores by visiting our Trumpet Mouthpiece Specs page. That should only take a few minutes. Then you can return here, where we use that information, and more, to answer the most common questions we get asked about choosing the right mouthpiece. 


How do I choose the right size trumpet mouthpiece?

What throat size should I choose?

What mouthpiece should I choose for better range?

What mouthpiece should I choose for better endurance?

Should I get a one piece or modular mouthpiece?

What's the best backbore to match my top?

How do I choose the backbore weight?

Should I try a stainless steel backbore?

What mouthpiece should I choose for a darker sound?

What are the advantages of a C length backbore?

How can I separate a stuck top and backbore?