Trumpet Backbores

 Complete Line of One and Two Piece Backbore Options. 



One Piece Backbores

*One piece backbores have been discontinued and are only available while supplies last. All sizes are currently available and will continue to be available in two piece models.


Wedge trumpet backbores use the 3/8-40 thread used by most other manufacturers.
One piece backbores are the most economical and best choice for most players.
Available with a #27 or #25 throat.
Compatible with Wedge Tone Modifier for added mass.

Backbore Sizes 

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Two Piece Trumpet Backbores



Wedge trumpet backbores are also available as two piece models. Two piece models offer the following advantages. 

Buy a Two Piece Backbore for Bb Trumpet


Buy a Two Piece Backbore for C Trumpet


Buy a Bb or C length Shank (lower half)













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