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Review of our 108G Gen 2 Bass Trombone Mouthpiece 
My personal experience stems from brain surgery in 2001 that left one side of my face looking like a Bell's Palsy episode, and I was unable to even get a sound out of my horn. The previous 25 years I had played using a Bach 1 1/2 G, but after years of slogging away in the back room and getting some muscle tone in my embouchure, I could once again make some sense out of my sound, but it was still pretty fuzzy. The unique cup-to-rim radius in the horizontal axis of the Harrison 108 G definitely helped me with my attacks, tone production and flexibility. A KEEPER ! -James A

Review of our 101G Gen 2 Trombone Mouthpiece - Large Shank 
After reading many reviews I expected to use my mouthpiece (101G Gen 2 Large Shank Trombone) for a few weeks before making a decision; however, it actually felt great after one day. I have had it for over a month now and performed with it on multiple gigs and I must say it is the best mouthpiece I have played on. In addition to its comfort, I have a great sound wit this mouthpiece and, although I wouldn’t say my range has increased, my flexibility within my range has. My endurance is also improved, perhaps due to the comfort level. Definitely a new fan of Wedge mouthpieces! -Michael F

Review of our 108G Gen 2 Bass Trombone Mouthpiece 
On several levels the Wedge is delivering renewed pleasure in practicing and playing the Bass Trombone. Opportunities to "get lower" with ease, broaden the quality of the sound and deliver a stronger "bottom-end" to our Jazz Band Ensemble are happening whilst giving a renewal as a T-Bone player since the early seventies.....with a couple of decades of missed practicing under my belt. Unique in the T Bone section the Bass T just resonates so firmly whilst blending easily as the mouthpiece provides a lot of flexibility to "shape" the music on demand..... Highly recommend it for all levels , especially those of us with lots of tunes in our head and less air in our breathes very easy. Thank you Wedgers!! -Michael P
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