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Trombone Mouthpiece Rims and Cups

Rim Shape
Wedge trombone rims have our patented oval, curved shape. 

Rim Diameters
Wedge trombone mouthpiece rim sizes are named according to the rim diameter.
* Inner diameters (ID) range from 0.95 inches to 1.14 inches
* ID measured at .05 inches into the cup
* Examples - A 96 rim measures .96 inches, a 101 rim measures 1.01 inches 

Trombone Cups
Wedge trombone cups extend the oval shape of the Wedge rim down to the base of the cup.
* We offer a wide variety of cup depths for every playing situation
* Depths range from shallow E to extra deep XD

Wedge E Trombone Cup
* Shallow cup similar to Bach E
* Bright sound with lots of projection
* Suitable for Alto trombone
* Preferred by some for extreme lead playing

Wedge C Trombone Cup
* Typical shallow C trombone cup
* Similar to Bach C cup
* Good projection
* Most effective with a small to medium diameter as beginner mouthpiece, or for lead trombone

Wedge AL Trombone Cup
* Medium cup with a slightly funnel shape
* Similar to Bach 6-1/2AL cup
* Relatively dark sound from a medium cup
* Good for intermediate players and players needing something between the shallow C cup and symphonic G cup

Wedge GS Trombone Cup
* Intermediate between AL and G cup
* Similar to Bach 5GS cup
* Good combination of projection and lower register performance
* More upper register support and projection than the G cup

Wedge G Trombone Cup
* Medium deep cup similar to Bach 5G
* Most popular model for mature players in a concert band or orchestral setting
* Well balanced sound with even response in all registers
* Works very well with larger diameters and slightly deeper cup for bass trombone

Wedge D Trombone Cup
* Deeper cup for an extra full low register
* Works well for second or third trombone when a big, dark sound is required
* Well suited for bass trombone when a larger diameter is used

Wedge XD Trombone Cup
* Extra deep cup for bass trombone
* Huge sound and even response in all registers despite the deep cup