Flugelhorn Shanks

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Flugelhorns have receivers that accept different shanks, depending on the manufacturer. Check with the manufacturer of your flugelhorn if you uncertain about what shank it takes. Below are some guidelines:
French (No Taper):
French Besson, Couesnon, Flip Oakes, Kanstul, Miraphone
Bach (Small Morse Taper):
B & S, Bach, R, S, Berkeley, Besson, Courtois, Eclipse, F. E. Olds, Holton, LeBlanc, James, Trevor, Kanstul, Miraphone, Phaeton, Reynolds, Schilke, Selmer, Shiller, Taylor, Van Laar
Standard (Large Morse Taper): 
Adams, Benge, Blessing, Callet, Conn, Eclipse, Gerd Dowids, Getzen, Josef Lidl, Kanstul, King, Lawler, Miraphone, Orlando Wind Instruments, Stomvi, Thomas Inderbinen, Weril, Yamaha
Long flugelhorn shanks are designed for shallow flugelhorn cup such as the YBS flugel top. They can also be used with a Wedge British cornet top on a flugelhorn, which then functions like a shallow flugel mouthpiece.
Short cornet shanks and WFT Fugel/Trumpet shanks adapt Wedge flugel tops to be used with a trumpet or cornet.
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