Shipping & Taxes

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot declare shipments with a value less than what you paid for the mouthpiece, or declare it as a gift. Our shipments are regularly checked by customs and we are required to provide accurate customs declarations.

International Shipping (outside Canada and the US)

We are happy to ship our mouthpieces all over the world. In fact, because of the increased number of orders being shipped internationally, we are now receiving a reduced shipping rate, which we are happy to pass on as more affordable shipping options to our customers. 

Free Shipping - There is a free shipping option included with your order. This basic shipping does not provide a tracking number. Accordingly, Harrison Mouthpieces cannot be responsible for replacing or refunding international orders that are shipped with the Free Shipping option and lost in transit. By selecting the Free Shipping option, the customer accepts any risks, such as loss or damage, that may occur during shipping.

Upgraded Shipping - Depending on the country in which you live, International Tracked Packet, Express Post, or Priority shipping, may be available. Customers who select these upgraded shipping options are provided with a tracking number when the order is processed for shipping, and Harrison Mouthpieces will replace orders that are lost or damaged in transit.

The estimated time of delivery for international orders is very unpredictable, and will mostly depend on how long it takes for your order to be processed by the customs agency of your country. Some orders take up to 4 weeks to get through customs, taking a full 6 weeks from when it is shipped to arrive with the customer.

Please email Daniel at if you have any questions about how your order will be shipped or our shipping policy. 

Taxes in Canada

Sales within Canada are subject to local taxes. You will be charged GST or the appropriate provincial HST at checkout.

Taxes outside Canada

We DO NOT charge any taxes on international shipments.

If you are ordering from Europe you will be charged VAT by your local customs agency. VAT and other import taxes are usually around 21%. Please check with your local customs office to determine what taxes may be applicable.

Some countries outside Europe have similar duties and taxes. Paying all import taxes is the responsibility of the purchaser. Import taxes are NOT included in your purchase price and are not refunded by us. If you return the mouthpiece for a refund you can apply to your local customs agency to have taxes returned. We will not reduce the declared value of any order for tax purposes.