Production Time & Process

Watch a short video of a mouthpiece being made

Production Time: 

GOOD NEWS! We have found a way to maintain our production capacity during the COVID 19 pandemic in a way that keeps our team safely separated in satellite locations at home.

Plastic mouthpieces are made to order and ship 1-3 weeks after the order is placed.

Brass mouthpieces take approximately 5 weeks to make from start to finish.

If Your Brass Mouthpiece is Not In Stock:

We send mouthpieces to and receive mouthpieces from the silver plating company every week, with many of those mouthpieces made for stock/inventory. Your order number will be assigned to the next available mouthpiece, which means it will ship in 1-5 weeks, depending on if that that model is in the production cycle already or not.

Angled mouthpieces and gold-plated mouthpieces are made to order and ship approximately 5 weeks after the order is placed.

Your order notes are updated and you will receive email notifications as your order moves through the production cycle: In production, Sent for Plating, Shipped.

Production Process:

Wedge mouthpieces are made from brass and plastic blanks which are purchased from a local machining and fabricating shop.

In our shop, the blank is engraved with the model number and runs through a series of processes in our CNC mill. This machine will cut the programmed rim, cup, and angle.

After machining, the mouthpiece moves through a series of polishing stations. We both hand polish and use an automated vibratory polisher.

Plastic mouthpieces are ready to be inspected and shipped at this point. 

Machined and polished brass mouthpieces are sent in bulk to the US for silver plating every Friday. They arrive back in our office about three weeks later.

The silver-plated brass mouthpieces are unpacked, hand polished with silver polish, and inspected for stock or orders.

If you have any questions about your order, please email Daniel at