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Players With Braces

"I just wanted to send you an email that I have tried my new wedge S6A4A plastic mouthpiece and I love it! Even with my braces, at the end of a rehearsal I'm still able to play with my full range like I am at the beginning. I will be looking into buying a metal mouthpiece. It is much more comfortable and I have less cuts in my mouth after playing, even if I'm playing a little bit of a higher part." –Chris Hanks

The Wedge is the most comfortable mouthpiece made for players with braces. The contoured shape of the rim fits over the braces, decreasing the pressure directly over the metal.

This greatly increases comfort, and may decrease the need to use wax over the braces. The player will have increased endurance and a clearer tone than with traditional mouthpieces. All of these factors encourage students to play for longer periods of the time on the Wedge, meaning that braces are less of a barrier to continued progress on the instrument.

Kids with braces instantly can feel and hear the difference when they try a Wedge for the first time. The difference is usually dramatic. Students and educators have been raving about the improvements with Wedge mouthpieces and braces. Students do so well on them that they keep playing the Wedge even after the braces are removed.

To get advice on the best choice of mouthpieces for a player with braces please contact Dr Dave by email. He will personally assess your needs and make some suggestions about what mouthpiece to try.