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One Piece vs Two Piece Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

One Piece Flugelhorn Mouthpieces*
*Now discountinued and only available while supplies last
* Available in silver or gold plated brass.
* Only available with Trumpet or French/Couesnon (No Taper) shanks.
Two Piece Flugelhorn Mouthpieces
* Two Piece flugelhorn mouthpieces consist of a top and separate shank.
* Tops are available in silver or gold plated brass, black Delrin, clear Acrylic plastic.
* Optional 5 or 10 degree angled rim for players with overbite.
* Two piece mouthpieces have the advantage of not having to buy a new mouthpiece if you change to a flugelhorn needing a different shank taper. Just buy the appropriate shank.
* We also have two special shanks that allow you to use your flugelhorn top in your trumpet (instant flugelhorn, just add water) or as a British cornet mouthpiece.