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One Piece Flugelhorn Mouthpiece - Trumpet Shank

USD $210.00
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Some rim size and cup combinations are not available because they are not conventional. For example, a .630 rim with a deep cup is not practical for most players, neither is a .680 rim with a shallow cup. Please contact us if the mouthpiece you would like to order is not available.

These mouthpieces are silver plated brass.

Mouthpieces are available with rim sizes from .630 inches to .680 inches

The shank on this mouthpiece has a trumpet mouthpiece taper. It is not exactly the same, but close to Gerd Dowids and some other German rotary flugelhorns. 

Cup Depths



  • V shaped cup that is shallower than our regular cup, and similar in depth to a Yamaha Bobby Shew or ACB flugel cup
  • Provides easier upper register and a more focused sound
  • Still has characteristic flugel sound


  • Excellent combination of a dark tone and access to the upper register
  • Best choice for most players. 


  • Dual purpose depth used in deep cornet and deep flugel mouthpieces
  • Deeper option that provides an extra dark sound
  • Trade-off is an upper register that is less supported.

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