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How the Wedge Works

Are you tired of being limited by your mouthpiece?

If you are like 90% of players you would like better endurance, range, comfort and sound. The Wedge can provide all of those things.

Lots of mouthpiece manufacturers say that about their mouthpieces. However, no manufacturer actually provides an explanation of exactly how their mouthpieces do that…except for us. We back that up with a 90 day money back guarantee. 

How Does the Wedge Provide Such Dramatic Improvements? 

When looking into the mouthpiece up you can see that the rim has a slight oval shape, with the oval oriented up and down, not side to side as you might expect.  The inner diameter (ID) is therefore larger from top to bottom than side to side. On trumpet, cornet, flugel, and horn mouthpieces the oval shape extends all the way to the bottom of the cup. The mouthpiece has one or two indented orientation dots to make it easy to position correctly.