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Flugelhorn Shank Guide

Flugelhorns are made with receivers designed to fit different mouthpiece tapers. Some receivers will fit more than one taper, for example a Bach shank will fit in a French receiver, but horns will play best with shank for which they were designed. 

There is a fair bit of confusion about choosing the right shank, partly because some manufacturers use 2 or even three types of receiver, and some provide more than one leadpipe with their horns. The following is a list drawn from a variety of sources on the internet. 

If you do not find your make and model in the following list it is because there was conflicting or no information on the internet about the appropriate shank. In that case the best strategy is to contact the manufacturer of your instrument.


Couesnon (No Taper): 

French Besson, Couesnon, Flip Oakes, Kanstul CCF 925, 725, Miraphone.


Bach (Small Morse Taper): 

B & S, Bach, R, S, Berkeley, Besson Sovereign, Courtois, Eclipse, F. E. Olds, Holton, LeBlanc, Taylor, Kanstul models 725, 1025, and newer 1525, Miraphone , Olds FE, Phaeton, Reynolds, Schilke, Selmer, Taylor.


Standard (Large Morse Taper): 

Adams, Allure, Austin Custom flugelhorns, Benge, Blessing, Calicchio, Callet, Conn Vintage One, Eclipse, Gerd Dowids, Getzen, Josef Lidl,  older Kanstul 1525, King, Lawler, Miraphone , Orlando Wind Instruments, Schilke, Stomvi, Thomas Inderbinen ,  Weril, Yamaha.


Trumpet Mouthpiece Taper (not exactly the same, but close: 

Gerd Dowids, some other German rotary flugelhorns. 









































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