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90 Day Guarantee


During the month of August we are replacing our usual 90 day guarantee with a lifetime guarantee. If you ever decide to not play the Wedge you can return it for a refund. 

The mouthpiece must be in playable condition, meaning not severely abused or destroyed. 

If your size changes you do up to 2 exchanges at any time.

You must be the original customer who purchased the mouthpiece directly from us, not through a dealer or other source.


Our Return Policy 

We are proud to provide the most generous return policy in the mouthpiece industry.

Only the following items cannot be returned for refund:

  • Discounted items, Discontinued items, Custom orders

In extremely rare cases, mouthpieces that are severely damaged and beyond repair are returned. These will not be accepted for a full refund/exchange. In these cases, the customer will have the option of either having the mouthpiece shipped back or possibly having a deduction from their refund.

Exchanges can also be arranged by emailing Daniel at Daniel will send instructions. The only charge to customers for exchanges is $12 to cover the cost of shipping the new mouthpiece.

Keeping your Mouthpiece in New Condition 


  • Place the mouthpiece on the shelf of your music stand.
  • Place the mouthpiece directly on any hard surface such as wood, metal, the floor, a shelf, or a counter top.
  • Set the mouthpiece down beside another mouthpiece or any hard object so that they could make contact.
  • Allow the mouthpiece to rattle around in your case.
  • Screw it hard or twist it in the receiver of your instrument.

Ideal Care:

  • The mouthpiece should either be in your horn, or in the cloth bag in which it was shipped at all times.
  • If you set the mouthpiece down it MUST be on a soft cloth surface, otherwise it will very likely be damaged.

Following the above instructions is the best way to keep your mouthpiece in new condition and receive the full refund value in the case of a return.

For instructions on how to return your mouthpiece for Refund or Exchange please visit our Return Instructions page.

Do not send back your mouthpiece without a Return Authorization.
Returns sent without a Return Authorization will not be accepted.