Discounted - SD - B6B Top - 25 - Silver

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Product Overview

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This mouthpiece has minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the functionality of the mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is designed to meet the needs of a player who likes the characteristics of the Bach 6B mouthpiece. The B6B is a deep mouthpiece with an inner diameter the same as a Bach 7C or Wedge B7C and a slightly wider rim. The cup is similar to a B7C cup, but is slightly deeper and wider going into the throat. Most players will find that the B6B will provide a more even response in all registers compared to the original. All mouthpieces in the SB line are made by doing a digital scan of the conventional mouthpiece. The cup and alpha angle are slightly modified, and a Wedge rim is programmed to produce a mouthpiece that has a feel and performance similar to the original, but with Wedge advantages. This mouthpiece has our new Double Oval Cup (DOC). The diameter of the rim and cup in the vertical dimension is 10/1000 of an inch larger than it is from side to side. This means that the oval shape of the Wedge rim is continued down to the base of the cup where it joins the throat. The DOC design, found only in Wedge mouthpieces, provides the added efficiency of a smaller mouthpiece with the big sound, clear attacks, and flexibility of the larger mouthpiece. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review