Custom French Horn Screw Rim

USD $270.00
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Ships in 1-5 weeks, depending on what is already in production. Order now to get the next one available.
Custom French horn screw rims are available in either PHC 800-36 or Giardinelli / Moosewood compatible 750-36 threads. Custom rims are $150 for silver and $170 for gold and stainless steel. This price includes programming, machining, and plating a new rim to your specifications. The best results are obtained if you send your complete mouthpiece, or at least the rim, to be scanned. However, if you choose not to send your mouthpiece we can make a custom rim if you provide the following information: 1. ID of your cup where it joins the rim. 2. ID of the rim as specified by the manufacturer. This is usually .03 to .04 inches below the crest height of the rim. 3. OD of the rim. 4. Exact length of the mouthpiece measured with a digital caliper with and without the rim attached. 5. The bite radius of the rim is also helpful. If your current mouthpiece does not have threads we can convert it to accept a screw rim with either thread type for $35. Call Dr Dave to discuss the details of your order. French horn rims have a dimple on one edge to help with orientation. Call or email Dr Dave to discuss details.