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CFL-9990-RSS-Bb-L Now 25% Off

Was: USD $2,200.00
Now: USD $1,650.00
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Red Brass Flugelhorn


Model:                 CFL-9990-RSS
Key:                    Bb
Bore:                   S (0.433";11.00mm)
Bell material:       R (Red brass & wire rim soldered)
Bell size:             S 
Bell thickness:    S (Standard 0.024;0.6mm)
Bell diameter:     5.98" (152.00mm)
Finishing:            L (Clear Lacquer)
Leadpipe:            Red brass

Includes two leadpipes, L fits trumpet shank, S fits Standard, large Morse taper shank (not Bach). 
*Inner/ Outer red brass slide
*3rd tuning slide pattented trigger system


Also come with:
Black Wooden Hard Shell Case
CarolBrass® 3CFL mouthpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
La Tromba T2 Valve oil
Warranty (User guide)
Tuning slide grease