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British Cornet vs. Regular Cornet Styles

Understanding the Difference Between American and British Style Cornet Mouthpieces
Cornet mouthpieces made by American manufacturers such as Bach and Schilke are typically their trumpet cup on a cornet backbore. They produce a relatively bright, focused sound. They are best suited for Dixieland jazz and concert band settings, and are often uses as piccolo trumpet mouthpieces.
British cornet mouthpieces typically have a deeper, more V sped cup, producing a broader, darker, warmer sound. They are popular for British brass band and similar ensembles.

Wedge British Cornet Mouthpieces
* Similar to Denis Wick mouthpieces
* Shorter than regular cornet mouthpieces
* Deeper cup options than American style models
* Larger throat
* Broader, darker sound
* Popular for Brass Band
One Piece British Cornet Models
* One piece models are available in silver or gold plated brass, or black Delrin plastic
* Optional 5 or 10 degree angled rim on two piece models for players with overbite
Two Piece British Cornet Models
* Two piece models have a top and separate shank 
* Tops are available in clear Acrylic or black Delrin plastic.
* Tops can be used with specific shank for British cornet, flugelhorn, or trumpet
* Optional 5 or 10 degree angled rim on two piece models for players with overbite
British Cornet Cup Depths
We offer two cup depths: Medium (similar to Wick B cup), and Deep (similar to deep Wick cup).
Medium British Cornet Cup
Deep British Cornet Cup
British Cornet Throat Sizes
British Cornet Mouthpieces are available with #18 and #15 throat sizes.

Wedge Regular Cornet Mouthpieces
* Similar to Bach, Schilke, and Yamaha regular cornet mouthpieces
Offered only in a two piece design
* Made by adding a Wedge Trumpet Top or Wedge Regular Cornet Top to a Wedge Regular Cornet Backbore
* Throat sizes are #27 (.144 inches, 3.66 mm) or #25 (.1495 inches, 3.80 mm)
* Threads compatible with Warburton and other similar threads
* Optional 5 or 10 degree angled models for players with overbite
Regular Cornet Cup Depths
* The Wedge Regular Cornet Top has a depth similar to Wick B cup
* Wedge trumpet tops can also be used with Regular Cornet Backbores to produce for shallowerer cornet option similar mouthpieces from Bach and Schilke.
* Wedge trumpet tops added to a cornet backbore work well for piccolo trumpet
Regular Cornet Backbores
* Sizes Small, Medium, Medium Large, and Large
* Silver or gold plated brass
Throat Sizes
 Regular Cornet Mouthpieces are available with #27 (0.144 inch) and #25 (0.1495 inch) throat sizes.