B1.5CP Trumpet Top (RIDENOUR Pops) - Acrylic

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This mouthpiece was developed for Brandon Ridenour after he left the Canadian Brass and was doing more solo work. He wanted a mouthpiece with a little more grip compared to his signature Wedge B1.5C Ridenour, and a little more efficiency without giving up a well balanced sound. The result was the Ridenour Pops, which has a slightly shallower cup and a rim shape that has slightly more bite and the high point shifted slightly to the inside. This produces a mouthpiece that feels very comfortable, but slightly smaller than the B1.5C Ridenour, and that is more efficient with just a little more projection. It is still very well suited for orchestral work, but the added efficiency is nice to have on long solo engagements.

The B1.5C is the signature mouthpiece of Brandon Ridenour. It produces a big orchestral sound. This mouthpiece has our new Double Oval Cup (DOC). The diameter of the rim and cup in the vertical dimension is 10/1000 of an inch larger than it is from side to side. This means that the oval shape of the Wedge rim is continued down to the base of the cup where it joins the throat. The DOC design, found only in Wedge mouthpieces, provides the added efficiency of a smaller mouthpiece with the big sound, clear attacks, and flexibility of the larger mouthpiece. Wedge plastic mouthpieces are machined from black Delrin just like our brass and stainless steel models. They have all the advantages of a metal Wedge mouthpiece, the main difference being that they play with a darker sound. Slotting and response is excellent. This top can be used with any Wedge, Warburton, or similar backbore with a matching throat size. The metal backbore makes the mouthpiece sound slightly brighter than the all plastic model.

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