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75M French Horn One Piece Mouthpiece - American Shank

USD $210.00
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The 75M replaces the L75G in the Wedge lineup. It has a medium cup similar to the Laskey G or Moosewood B cup, but incorporates the unique oval shape of the Wedge DOC cup and the patented Wedge rim.

ID 17.5 mm (.689 inches)
OD 25.52 mm (1.005 inches)
Bore #14

The DOC (Double Oval Cup) design carries the oval shape of the Wedge rim into the bottom of the cup, producing more core in the sound with great stability and clean attacks.

2 Reviews

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    Worth the Wait

    Posted by Robert R. on 2019 Apr 25th

    It felt like forever, from the time we ordered this 75M French Horn One Piece Mouthpiece. Purchased as a Christmas gift, my son didn't receive it until several weeks after the order was placed. The staff at Harrison Mouthpieces were accessible throughout the wait process. They understood the lengthy time it took to complete the order came from the entire process. My son plays a Conn Double French Horn and the mouthpiece was something he'd done a lot of research on before we actually made the purchase. Now that he's been able to test the instrument with the Wedge, there is a clear difference between what he had before and the new 75M French Horn One Piece Mouthpiece. The range is higher and deeper, the notes are crisp, and he feels the difference not only in his playing but the way the mouthpiece seats comfortably against his lips. There is something special in the way good business is done. A company that takes pride in their stock and believes in what they're selling, makes all the difference. If you're looking for the right mouthpiece for your needs, go to Wedge Mouthpiece first and you won't regret it.

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    Wedge 75M

    Posted by Alexander K. on 2019 Feb 2nd

    A gold-played 75M has been my daily player in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for over a year. I have played Wedge mouthpieces for years, and enjoyed their comfort. At this point, it is hard for me to give a fair assessment of Wedge mouthpieces versus other brands, because any time I've tried a non-Wedge, it has felt less comfortable and I've switched back immediately. As assistant principal/utility horn, I have to be proficient across the entire horn, and I find that on this mouthpiece, I'm able to cover the gamut. The sound is well-focused but not brittle. As noted on the website, this cup is similar in timbre to a Laskey G cup or a Schilke 29. If you want something a bit broader, try the deep-cup. That would be closer to a Laskey F cup or a Schilke 30.
    My general recommendation is to figure out the width of rim that feels equal across all registers, and then adjust the cup depth to get the sound/register bias that suits your needs.
    For a great all-around mouthpiece, I highly recommend this the 75M.