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67MDV Trumpet Top

USD $155.00
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  • Specifications
    • Inner Diameter: .670 measured .04 inches into the cup.
    • Outer Diameter: 1.124
    • Cup Depth: This mouthpiece has an MDV (Medium Deep V) cup, which is similar to a Bach 1 1/2 C or 5C, Warburton MD, regular Schilke, or Yamaha C cup, but it has a slightly more V shaped transition into the throat. This cup produces a large, dark orchestral sound, which is made a little darker than the MD cup by the extra V shape.
      Backbore: This top is best used on an ML (Medium-Large) backbore which can be purchased here.


  • Wedge Generation 2 Line - The Generation 2 trumpet mouthpieces are designed to incorporate the advantages of the Wedge rim and oval cup in a mouthpiece that is very comfortable and easy to adapt to from a conventional rim. The rim is slightly wider than our original Standard Brand rims. This mouthpiece has our new Double Oval Cup (DOC). The diameter of the rim and cup in the vertical dimension is 10/1000 of an inch larger than it is from side to side. This means that the oval shape of the Wedge rim is continued down to the base of the cup where it joins the throat. The DOC design, found only in Wedge mouthpieces, provides the added efficiency of a smaller mouthpiece with the big sound, clear attacks, and flexibility of the larger mouthpiece.


  • Acclimatization - Acclimatization time varies, but most players find they have fully adjusted to the new rim shape within a few days. Most players are able to alternate between a Wedge rim and conventional rim, although the vast majority of players will convert all of their mouthpieces to the Wedge design because of its obvious advantages once they have adapted. We do offer discounts to players who need to purchase a number of Wedge mouthpieces for various instruments.


1 Review

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    67MDV Trumpet Top

    Posted by Rocky M. on 2019 Feb 5th

    I was very skeptical for a long time, thinking the Wedge might be a gimmick but finally decided to try it. Everything the ad claimed is true. Coming from "1C" mouthpieces, the 67MDV (paired with the C length heavyweight backbore) is very comfortable and extremely efficient. Range is definitely better and more consistent. All other facets of my playing are as good if not better than before, endurance markedly so.

    The thing I'm most impressed with is how much better the swelling issues I was having have become. Far better/faster recovery and not as severe when it happens. I'm sure it's added years to my playing.

    I couldn't be happier with the Wedge and will be buying them for all my horns!