6.5AL-Jazz Trombone Mouthpiece - Small Shank

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  • Characteristics - The 6.5AL-Jazz is similar in size to a Bach 6-1/2AL and Wedge 6.5AL. The 6.5AL-Jazz has a less open transition from the cup into the throat. This produces a more brilliant tone and an easier upper register. The 6.5AL-J still plays much like a 6.5AL, but with the bias toward the upper register it is a great choice for someone who likes the versatility and full lower register of the 6.5AL, but who want a mouthpiece for big band or jazz without going all the way to the shallower cup of the 6.75C or 11C mouthpiece. It is an excellent choice for all round playing and is available with a large or small shank. The throat is .260 inches.


  • Acclimatization - Acclimatization time varies, but most players find they have fully adjusted to the new rim shape within a few days. Most players are able to alternate between a Wedge rim and conventional rim, although the vast majority of players will convert all of their mouthpieces to the Wedge design because of its obvious advantages once they have adapted. We do offer discounts to players who need to purchase a number of Wedge mouthpieces for various instruments.