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What's Different About the Wedge?
Innovative design
* Unique oval rim and cup
* Curved rim that follows the shape of your teeth
* Wedged contour that reduces pressure at critical points on your embouchure
* Oval rim that is oriented vertically, unlike old fashioned oval mouthpieces

What Does This Mean For You?
* Better range
* Improved endurance
* Greater comfort
* Better flexibility
* Improved responsiveness
* Better sound in all registers
* Less swelling
* Improved comfort and sound for players with braces
Brass mouthpieces for the whole brass family - all brass instruments

Sound Too Good To Be True?
Great, you should be skeptical. Learn more about the "How" and "Why" of the Wedge, and what players actually say about it.
* Read about The Wedge Design and how it works
* Read about The Wedge Story of how and why it was invented
* Read Product Reviews from our customers

What Is Our Guarantee?
* We also offer a Lifetime Trade In Program - Return your mouthpiece at any time and get an 80% credit toward a new mouthpiece of a different size

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